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Top features of the Java programming language

One of the most used and well-liked programming languages is Java. Even while Java has a tonne of capabilities, it yet manages to be straightforward and flexible, allowing developers to pick it up quickly and get to work on java projects with ease. Java is a common programming language because of its ability to be written on one system and executed on a number of others.

In addition, the frequent updates make it a reliable option for projects that plan to last for a longer time. Java BuzzWords is another name for the Java features.

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Features of Java


Java is an extremely simple programming language that is straightforward to understand, write, and learn. Java has clear and simple-to-understand syntax.

Java is easier to learn if one is familiar with C or C++ because the two languages' syntaxes are comparable. The intricate features of C and C++, such as pointers, go to statements, preprocessors/header files, multiple inheritance, operator overloading, etcare not used in Java.

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Platform Independent

A platform-neutral language is Java. Java source code (.java files) are converted to bytes by the compiler (javac) (.class file). The bytecode generated by the compiler is executed by JVM. Any platform, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc., can run this byte code. This implies that an application created for Windows can operate on Linux and vice versa.


One of the main issues with programming languages is security because they are used to create some of the most sensitive and important applications that require security, such banking applications. Java is more secure than C/C++ because it forbids the creation of pointers, making it difficult to access an uninitialized variable from the outside.

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Reliable means robust. Because early error detection is highly valued in the development of the Java programming language, the Java compiler is able to identify mistakes that are difficult to spot in other programming languages.


Java code that is written on one machine can run on another machine. The platform independent bytecode can be carried to any platform for execution that makes java code portable.


Java code created on one system can execute on another. Java code is portable because platform independent bytecode can be used on any platform for execution.

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